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ABC2016 Open Race
Types of Registration


3rd Period of Subscriptions: From November 1st until December 31st* – € 220 per rider

* – Or as well as confirmed a total of 600 riders subscribed for this race. One subscription means one participant.

ABC Premium Package includes:

  • Local accreditation and issuing of starter kit, which contains: participant-ID, starting number, precise road book,  maps, give-aways and a ABC exclusive sports bag
  •         Signposting of the entire course, as well in technical downhills, dangerous sections and crossings
  •         Mobile support personnel to warn motorists
  •         Marshalls on motorcycles ahead of the field to check the signposting and ensure the safety of all participants
  •         Marshalls on motorcycles and jeeps in the field to make sure participants keep with the rules (i.e. wear a helmet, keep road traffic regulations, don’t use escort vehicles, etc.)
  •         Emergency doctors on m​otorcycles and jeeps fully equipped to help injured persons
  •         Ambulances with paramedics to further take care of injured persons
  •         Permanent contact with local emergency officials and first-aid centers to ensure assistance in case of a bigger accident
  •         Professional Start/Finish area in the respective center of the city or at certain points-of-interest, cordoned off from road traffic
  •         Professional timekeeping
  •         Result service after each stage
  •         Daily check points to keep track on all participants
  •         Several catering points per stage
  •         Pasta party at the finish of each stage
  •         Bikestations at the catering points and Technical services in the Vila Galé Hotels area (spare parts have to be paid for)
  •         Accomodation in 4 Star Vila Galé Albacora or Vila Galé Tavira Hotel with breakfast included and the dinner party on March 05th.
  •         Office at each stage place to answer questions about regulations, course, etc.
  •         Press office and services
  •         Photo and service for the participants (photos have to be paid for)
  •        Official ABC jersey and sports bag
  •        Disbursement of prize monies
  •        Finisher prize





ALGARVE BIKE HOLIDAY   – €690,00  per rider

Get the opportunity to have the mountain bike holiday of your life!
Before the Race take some time to ride with a professional bike guide with the opportunity to discover the best spots of the Algarve, nature and historical treasures. Taste the formidable portuguese cuisine and relax at the sunny coast on some of the best beaches of the world!

This package includes:

  • Airport transfers
  • 6 days accomodation in Vila Galé Hotel in Tavira in Half board basis.
  • Daily training sessions and tips.
  • Daily sports food & beverage  and recovery drinks.
  • Daily bike setup.
  • ABC PREMIUM PACKAGE with dedicated Race sign in at the Hotel.





Shorts: 48€
Algarve Bike Challenge 2016 Open Race - Shorts Image Massage Price: 10€
Massage Price: 15€
Registration phase
Fase 1 - de 19-08-2015 to 15-09-2015 ( 0/200registered)
Fase 2 - de 15-09-2015 to 31-10-2015 ( 0/200registered)
Fase 3 - de 01-11-2015 to 28-02-2016 ( 0/400registered)
About the Event

3rd Subscriptions Period open in November 1st




Algarve Bike Challenge 2016 – More Mountain Bike / More Emotion / More Adventure!

For the fourth consecutive year the Associação Clube BCF present you the most important MTB stage race in Portugal. After the second edition in 2013 the Algarve Bike Challenge became a huge success due to several factors. The beauty of the region, the quality of the courses, different rules with Bonus scheme and a top premium service offered by the Organisation staff are just some of the reasons for this success.

Algarve is a Tourism world known destination and searched mostlly because of his marvellous coast, amazing climate and tasting food. Altough there is much more to discover inland… Algarve Bike Challenge take you to an unforgettable bike weekend experience into that unrevealed world.

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The Algarve Bike Challenge is a mountain bike stage race and it will run from 04 to 06th of March 2016. The real challenge of this stage race is not only about to win, but the knowledge, living the mountain bike spirit, overcome own limits and being in close touch with Nature. ​Subscriptions open on August 1st 2015

0321 middle @For 2016 the Algarve Bike Challenge will also be an International UCI competition within the UCI calendar classified as UCI XCS C2. It lasts 3 days and it includes a Night Prologue and 2 Marathon Stages covering a total of 185Km.

Altought this event will not be only dedicated to Pro Racers. Apart from the UCI racers, the participants can join the Algarve Bike Challenge Open Race for all Federated or not Federated Riders.

One singularity is that the team is made of two people that have to ride together within a time allotted. Otherwise, they will get a time penalty.

The ranking will be made with the time of the second member who crosses the finish line every day. The addition of times on each stage establishes the general ranking. This concept is a surplus in endurance races, stimulating team spirit. Effort management and risk assessment are also important factors in this kind of stage race.9968 middle @

This competition offers the best services for the performance and comfort of participants and also itineraries of
genuine mountain bike.

The structure of this Race will provide everything that is necessary from water, food, accommodation, technical support while riders care only about their passion, RIDING A BIKE!

The Event will be hosted in the marvellous and historical  city of Tavira starting with a Night Prologue on the historical town centre lighted by his natural light and ancient torches.​

On the day after, Saturday, will be raced the Queen stage. Riders will start from Tavira town centre crossing the characteristic barrocal located between the coast and the Sierra and the harder clims will be located  already on the hearth of the Serra do Caldeirão.

The 2nd stage will be a little shorter but not much easier. Rider will face north to the hills from the Algarve. The landscape, terrain characteristics will be totally different from the first stage.